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Nice Videos: 6m Basking Shark in Port Erin 20th May 2015

These charming little videos¬†show the 6m long basking shark that came right into Port Erin Bay on 20th May. They were taken by Charles and William Price. Well done!    

Great Photo of Basking Shark with Cosy Nook Cafe Behind

This is the 6m long basking shark that was in Port Erin Bay on the 20th May. Photo Jackie Hall, Manx Basking Shark Watch.  


Bob Taylor runs the boat 'Gemini' out of Port St. Mary harbour. He is WiSe registered to operate near to large marine wildlife whilst observing the Shark Trusts 'Basking Shark Code of Conduct'. Gemini is a catamaran, a very stable platform for fishing, wildlife watching or filming. Contact Bob Taylor, 24, Perwick Bay. Port St Mary, Isle of Man. IM9 5PA. Telephone 01624-832761 Mobile 07624 483328. This picture of Gemini shows you how big this large basking shark is compared  to the 9m long Gemini. Bob often sees basking sharks whilst out on his wildlife watching and fishing trips. Picture: John Chorlton.


Endeavour is a nice looking boat operating out of Port St Mary, an IWP 40ft Lochin with seating for all, and an experienced local skipper. The boat is licensed by the MCA and IoM Cat 2 (60NM from safe haven). They offer diving, snorkelling, fishing, birdwatching and shark spotting, Endeavour provides a stable platform for film work. Michelle Haywood is their WiSe trained skipper. Call Steve 07624 482002 or 01624 822442 email steve@discoverdiving.im

Isle of Man Diving Holidays

Formed in 2003, after seeing the growing number of scuba divers coming to the Island and struggling to find accommodation, hardboat or rib charters, air fills, nitrox, equipment hire, servicing or repairs. Being a diver myself I decided to form Isle of Man Diving Holidays and offer the full package to the visiting diving community. We now have two self catering properties graded 4 star highly commended by our tourist board and we are able to cater for up to 12 divers. We boast some of the finest wreck, scenic, and drift diving in the UK also visibility unrivalled throughout our waters. In June, July and August we are visited by the basking sharks ...

Shona in Port Erin

The boat Shona is based in Port Erin in the south of the Isle of Man. She can take 12 passengers on sightseeing trips around the south of the island as well as landing on the Calf of Man See our facebook page for schedules and get further information from Chris Burton ¬†on¬†shonaboattrips@manx.net we have a facebook page Shona see¬†https://www.facebook.com/Shona-Boat-Trips-From-Port-Erin-407230646132188/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf Chris 07624 322765 Jason 07624 480682  

The Basking Sharks are here!

I am delighted to report that the first basking sharks were reported off Glen Maye and Kitterland on the 18th and that we have had basking sharks in Port Erin, Fleshwick and off Glen Maye for the last 2 days. Let's hope that the plankton is good and that the sharks stay with us this summer!   Photos: Jackie Hall. A 6m long basking shark in Port Erin 20/05/15