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BBC Story: Drone Footage of ‘Flowrider’s’ School!

The BBC have published the story about the amazing video of a school of basking sharks taken from a drone by James McCarthy. He filmed the school of about 12 basking sharks near Waterford in Ireland. This school included our tagged 8m male basking shark 'Flowrider' who we tagged in Manx Waters on August 7th 2015. We had been tracking him here for several days before this marvellous video came onto the internet. A BIG thank you to James as this has inspired us to get a drone for the Manx Basking Shark Scientific work. UNLESS someone out there in the Isle of Man is already an expert with one and would like to join our team of volunteers bringing their ...

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Flowrider, a very large male basking shark we put a satellite tag onto in Manx waters last August 7th continues to delight the us by letting us know where he is. He went to Moroccan waters for the winter, dropped past the French coast and had a weeks feeding on the surface near La Rochelle, popped his head up near Brest, further up the French coast and now he has been feeding for 3 days off the Irish coast just offshore of Waterford. This gives us GREAT information about the annual migratory patterns of basking sharks. Let's hope we hear more from Flowrider and from the other 2 basking sharks, Celtic Scuff and DONG Megalodon, who we tagged at the same ...