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Basking Shark in the Calf Sound Last Night!

Well done to Sue Whittaker and friends. They spotted an early-season basking shark in the Sound last night. Sue says "Seen for 3 mins then dissapeared when fast rib passed nearby.  Appeared again 20 mins later a lot further away (about 1500 m) watched for another 10 mins. Last seen heading towards back of Calf.  First spotted by friends Robin and Rhona then seen by Sue & Bill Whittaker." May this be the first of many seen in the Sound this season. Keep an eye on our Facebook page too as many basking shark enthusiasts post there. See https://www.facebook.com/ManxBaskingSharkWatch/


I am delighted to say that we have had a trickle of basking shark sightings. Brian Maddrell watched one off Glen Maye Beach this evening (18th May) and one was reported 1km off Ramsey on the 14th. There were also rumours of a shark off Perwick last week and off the Sugarloaf last friday. Here's hoping for more shark sightings than last year!

Homing Basking Sharks! Tag Found on Scottish Beach

Manx Basking Shark Watch Scientists have proved that some individual basking sharks revisit summer feeding grounds in Manx waters and winter feeding grounds off Morocco. Last month Dan Calvert found a tag from one of these sharks on a Scottish beach. You may remember that the Manx Basking Shark Watch scientific research team put a Wildlife Computers SPOT satellite tag on a HUGE bulky 8m long female basking shark on 7th August 2015. We nick-named her DONG MEGALODON. See more about her at http://www.wildlifetracking.org/index.shtml?tag_id=129180. After feeding on the surface for a few days she confounded our efforts to track her by staying ...