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I've been asking this question myself and many people are asking me the question too. Well the short answer is that after the very cold winter the water (until the last day or so when it's gone up to 12 degrees C) has stayed a little cold for the zooplankton bloom to occur. We did get a report of one solitary basking shark in mid-May but I would 'normally' expect to see the first schools of basking sharks by now. Dr Kev Kennington of DEFA is our local plankton expert. He did a boat survey last week and found that the water off the East coat of the Isle of Man was a little warmer than that off the West coast. He saw small zooplankton species ...

New Basking Shark Posters to Print

The 2018 basking shark season is upon us. Please would you print one or more of these lovely basking shark posters, and put them up in your home, workplace or local shop or post office? The jpg image is an older poster but the new ones with the web link have the new iPhone app QR code on them. They were designed by Julie Parys. https://manxbaskingsharkwatch.org/news/posters-to-print/  


GREAT NEWS! Last night I got an exciting message from David Hall (no relation) in the far Northwest of Scotland. He had found a satellite tag from one of our sharks near Raffin on the Point of Stoer, Lochinver. He saw the writing on the tag's tail fin and realized that it was one of our basking shark tracking tags. David very kindly contacted me via the Manx Basking Shark Watch webpage. When we checked the SPOT tag’s number it turned out to be from a large male basking shark that we had tagged in 2016. We had nicknamed him ‘Derek’ after my father who was crewing on the Manx Basking Shark Watch research boat ‘Happy Jack’ that day. ...

Manx Basking Shark Watch 2017

This report outlines the activities of Manx Basking Shark Watch in 2017. This was not a good year for basking shark sightings as you wll see from the sightings reports but the Manx Basking Shark Watch research team still got some excellent results from the satellite tagging. Find out what happened to "Mae' a beautiful female basking shark we put a tag onto in 2017 and learn more about what happened to several other basking sharks who took their tags to some amazing places, Morocco, Norway, France, Ireland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands! See 2017MBSWReport-locked