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A School of at Least 8 sharks on 15th May!

Hurray! The basking sharks are here! It's amazing how often they arrive in the middle of May. Derek Pitman drew us a cartoon about this many years ago. Here it is again! We've had a few basking shark sightings in the last week and the valuable data that you're sending into us shows us that there was a school of AT LEAST 8 basking sharks in Manx waters on the 15th May 2019. Please keep that data coming. Have a look at what we've had so far this year! https://manxbaskingsharkwatch.org/sightings-analysis/?date_from=01%2F05%2F2019&date_to=18%2F05%2F2019  

The ‘Early Brigade’ Sharks are here!

I'm absolutely delighted to report that there are one or two sharks (at least) surfacing around the south of the Island. Have a look at our sightings section. https://manxbaskingsharkwatch.org/sightings-analysis/?date_from=01%2F05%2F2019&date_to=14%2F05%2F2019


Thank you to Wayne Caley, skipper of Lynn Marie. This morning he sent in the FIRST certain sighting of 2019. TWO basking sharks 'hanging around' 2.5 miles South West of the Calf on Man. Please keep a look out and if you see basking shark please report it to our public sighting scheme on https://manxbaskingsharkwatch.org/report/