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Basking Shark Sightings 2005-2021 Vastly Reduced

Manx water have seen very few basking shark sightings reported over the last few years. We are not sure why this is happening. It could be due to natural variation, climate change or something that humans have done. Please report every sighting to us to ensure that we get the full picture of what is happening.  

Manx Whale & Dolphin Watch: Volunteers Required

*SEEKING LOCAL VOLUNTEERS FOR SUMMER PLACEMENTS* Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch are looking for local volunteers to undertake full or part-time placements with us during our field season May-September 2022. This position would suit a student or graduate returning to the island for the summer. This is a non-residential placement so you will need to have a base on the island. You may be studying for a relevant degree and looking to get your foot in the door by way of volunteering for the summer. Your time with us will be split between 2 main areas: research and outreach/education: Research work: data collection through land-based and ...