Meet the Manx Basking Shark Watch Team

Manx basking shark watch is run by volunteers. There is a basking shark steering group and the indispensable public sighting scheme volunteers who help with the website sightings.

Jackie Hall, MSc, BSc, BA, RN

Coordinator Manx Basking Shark Watch
Jackie and her husband Graham run the small research boat ‘Happy Jack’ from where they tag basking sharks, study basking shark courtship behaviour and identify individual basking sharks using basking shark ‘passports’.

Graham Hall, MSc

His ability to spot a fin in impossible visibility won a place with the team and his skills in developing inexpensive solutions to very expensive problems dragged him into an almost full time engineering role with the project.

Dr Fiona Gell

Basking Shark Steering Group Committee
Fiona loves working with Manx Basking Shark Watch and really values her involvement in a project which combines community participation, exciting research, active conservation and the opportunity to work with the most amazing fish species in the world!

Dr Lara Howe

Marine Officer, Manx Wildlife Trust
I am looking forward to continuing working with the group as it moves forward.

Dr Jan Gledhill

Manx Wildlife Trust Marine Committee
'I'm looking forward to being involved in the efforts to learn more about and to conserve these fascinating animals'.
More About Our Team

Manx Basking Shark Watch graduate research assistants

We recruit 2 voluntary research assistants for the basking shark season (mid-May until mid August). They complete the 4-person research team, acting as boat crew and assisting with the processing and analysis of the resulting data. They gain an enormous amount of practical academic experience whilst providing an invaluable service for MBSW. We could not manage without them. Photo: Graham Hall, Natasha Phillips and Haley Dalton. Both these graduates worked with us for the summers of 2012 and 2013.

Past Research Assistants