Scientific Papers that Include Manx Basking Shark Watch Research

MBSW are co authors in 11 scientific papers relating to basking sharks (as of May 2020). Two (1 & 2 below) have been published in the last year in collaborating with many scientists, but mainly with scientists at universities in Exeter, Aberdeen and Norway.

  1. Dalton et al 2019:    Haley R. Dolton,Fiona R. Gell, Jackie Hall, Graham Hall, Lucy A. Hawkes, Matthew J. Witt 2019Assessing the significance of Isle of Man waters for the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus)” . ESR 41:209-223 (2020)
  2. Doherty, P.D., Baxter, J.M., Godley, B.J. et al 2019. D. Doherty,J. M. Baxter, B. J. Godley, R. T. Graham, G. Hall, J. Hall, L. A. Hawkes, S. M. Henderson, L. Johnson, C. Speedie & M. J. WittSeasonal changes in basking shark vertical space use in the north-east Atlantic. Mar Biol166, 129 (2019).
  3. Doherty et al 2017a: Doherty PD, Baxter JM, Gell FR, Godley BJ, Graham RT, Hall G, Hall J, Hawkes LA, Henderson SM, Johnson L, Speedie C and Witt MJ (2017a) Long-term satellite tracking reveals variable seasonal migration strategies of basking sharks in the north-east Atlantic. Sci Rep 7:42837
  4. Doherty et al 2017b: Doherty PD, Baxter JM, Gell FR, Godley BJ, Graham RT, Hall G, Hall J, Hawkes LA, Henderson SM, Johnson L, Speedie C and Witt MJ (2017b) Testing the boundaries: Seasonal residency and inter-annual site fidelity of basking sharks in a proposed Marine Protected Area. Biol Conserv 209:68–75.
  5. Gore et al 2008: Gore MA, Rowat D, Hall J, Gell FR, Ormond RF (2008) Transatlantic migration and deep mid-ocean diving by basking shark. Biology Letters,4, 395–398.
  6. Hall et al 2009: Hall J, Solandt JL, Jung A, Berrow S and others (2009) Evidence of newborn basking sharks and a possible basking shark birth in European waters. In: Conference paper from ’basking sharks: a global perspective, Isle of Man. Mentioned in Manx Marine Environmental Assessment.
  7. Hall et al 2013: Hall J, Stone E, Gell F, Hanley L (2013) Basking sharks. In Hanley et al (eds.) Manx Marine Environmental Assessment. Isle of Man Marine Plan. Isle of Man.
  8. Leiber et al 2013: Lieber L, Berrow S, Johnston E, Hall G, Hall J, Berrow S, Johnston E, Duffy C, Wintner SP, Gubili C, Sarginson J, Witt MJ, Hawkes LA, Doherty PD, Godley BJ, Henderson S, de Sabata E, Shivji MS, Dawson DA, Burke T, Sims DW, Jones CS, Noble LR (2013) Mucus: aiding elasmobranch conservation through non-invasive genetic sampling. Endang Species Res 21:215-222. 
  9. Lieber, L., Hall, G., Hall, J. et al.Spatio-temporal genetic tagging of a cosmopolitan planktivorous shark provides insight to gene flow, temporal variation and site-specific re-encounters. Sci Rep10, 1661 (2020).
  10. Stephan et al (2010): Stéphan, H. Gadenne, A. Jung, A. Lefranc, J. Hall, G. Hall, S. Bessudo, G. Soler, F.Royer, B. Calmettes (2010) Galway EEA 2010, Satellite Tracking of Basking Sharks in the North East Atlantic.
  11. Stephan et al 2011: Available at

Further papers are currently being produced or are in review.