DONG Megalodon Reveals Herself, Celtic Scuff Stays in Manx Waters

The 3 satellite SPOT tags that we put on basking sharks on the 7th August are working well. I am happy to report that DONG Megalodon, our 8m female, came to the surface halfway between the Isle of Man and Ireland. Flowrider’s last reported position was that he was heading south. Celtic Scuff, on the other hand, has turned out to be a real ‘Manx’ basking shark since he was tagged. He has been feeding in a very small area off the north-west coast of the Isle of Man. This is great information in the struggle to get habitat usage information from a species that spends so much time in deep water. See DONG Megalodon 2015-08-18 09.13.34

12th August 2015 Flowrider 11.54.35

18th August 2015 12.42.02