Find Real Sea Monsters off Isle of Man Beaches!

If basking sharks didn't exist, story tellers would have to invent them! We are so lucky on the Isle of Man where these wonderful creatures visit us every year. Basking sharks are the second biggest fish in the world. Baby basking sharks are as long as a motorbike. Fully grown basking sharks are longer than a bus!

Ask your mum or dad to take you on a real adventure. Look for basking sharks off the Isle of Man!

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Did you know ....

Did you know a mature basking shark dorsal
fin can be

2 m

high, taller than a man!

Basking sharks catch their food with


gill rakers that look like bristly
brushes covered in slime!

A mature basking shark can weigh as much as


Fully grown elephants!

Basking sharks have brains about the size of


Mars bar!

Basking sharks are covered in

1 cm

of thick, black, tarry slime