Mr Tailor Is on the Surface: But WHERE?

Mr Tailor, a 5.5m long male basking shark we satellite tagged on the 8th of June 2013, has just given us tantalising evidence that he is feeding very near the surface.

We tagged him off Peel on the Isle of Man on with a SPOT tag donated by DONG Energy. See a video of him just after he was tagged here-

He travelled from Manx waters up to NW Scotland. We have had excellent data from him and we know that he fed on the surface off the Isle of Man for some time before sinking beneath the waves and re-appearing off NW Scotland and feeding at the surface there for a long time. We hadn’t heard from him since the 1st of September. This means that he has been swimming deep since then. We do not yet have enough data about where he is to get an accurate location of where he is now but we DO know that his tag has just broken the water surface so watch this space!

See to see more information about Mr Tailor and where he has been.