About Graham

Graham Hall has an MSc in Engineering. He is the secretary of the MBSW steering group as well as being the technical and boat officer. He was born in Northumberland and spent most of his working life in engineering and manufacturing in many places around the world.

He has a long interest in basking sharks born from a few close encounters as a youth. Watching sharks breeching off Aran was particularly inspiring. On one occasion on Luce Bay he fell asleep
in a small boat whilst fishing only to awake among a huge shoal of courting sharks. He is unlikely to forget the very close encounter whilst swimming in the Firth of Clyde (just after watching jaws in the seventies). He was unable to sleep for a week. Given this long association with basking sharks it was inevitable that when his wife Jackie took up an interest in the basking sharks he was drawn into working closely on the project.

Given his excellent hand-eye coordination it is his responsibility to tag the sharks from the very small but wonderfully manoeuvrable Happy Jack for which he is the Skipper and Chief Engineer (especially when anything goes wrong). He believes the sharks to be truly awesome (yes he has spent some time in New Zealand) and wonderful animals and is wholly committed to playing his small part in their global protection and management.

The photograph by Derek Pitman shows him rowing out to the MBSW research boat “Happy Jack”.

A word from Graham