Sighting Details

Reporter's name:
Jackie Hall
Observer Activity:
On a Boat
Total number of sightings by Jackie Hall:
Date Time Location Behavior
09/06/2016 17:22 3.6km West of White Beach, Niarbyl, Isle of Man Feeding

Number and size of sharks

total <2m 2-4m 4-6m 6-8m >8m
3 1 2

Distance from animals

4 metres

Shark Details

We encountered 1 basking shark of about 4.5 m and 2 large males of 6m. We tagged Four Winns. He is a rather feisty 6 m long basking shark that the team on the Manx Basking Shark Watch boat 'Happy Jack' put a SPOT 6 satellite tag onto. He was off a very beautiful stretch of coastline near Niarbyl of West coat of the Isle of Man. He was in a loose feeding group of 3 basking sharks with another 5 nearby. We were alerted to the presence of these basking sharks by Phil and on the boat 'Four Winns', so we called the tagged shark after their boat. We like to know WHO we are tagging so we take a full 'Basking Shark Passport'. This includes HD photos of the sharks dorsal fin, a length estimate, a gender obtained by pole camera and a skin swab that is sent for DNA analysis by Dr Les Noble's team at Aberdeen University. The SPOT 6 satellite tag from Wildlife Computers was generously sponsored by the Manx Lottery Trust. Funds to support the research boat were generously given by DEFA (the Isle of Man's Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. Follow this shark by registering at

Environment Details

A little bit of zooplankton seen but the basking sharks were constantly feeding so they were finding enough to eat.