Sighting Details

Reporter's name:
Jackie Hall
Observer Activity:
On Land
Total number of sightings by Jackie Hall:
Date Time Location Behavior
12/06/2016 09:00 Stretched out between South of Fenella Beach and North of Peel Bay Feeding

Number and size of sharks

total <2m 2-4m 4-6m 6-8m >8m
8 7 1

Distance from animals

300 metres

Shark Details

We started watching the sharks at 09:00 when there were just 2 off Fenella. By 12:00 there were 3 off Fenella and 5 between offshore of Peel Castle and towards the Old Bath Shore North of Peel. Therefore there were at least 8 sharks feeding in this area. There was at least one big shark still feeding off Peel Breakwater at 21:00 when we stopped watching. There was a large group of kayakers from Adventurous Experiences watching the large shark in the evening. They were very carefully observing the rules of kayaking with a basking shark such as 1: 'Do not approach the shark but let it approach you'. 2: 'If the shark comes near your kayak do not paddle, splash, or make loud noises as this may startle the shark. If the shark startles its tail may come up as the shark thrashes its tail to go down. The tail is very dangerous!'

Environment Details

A sunny hot day with mirror calm seas, sea state 0.