Sighting Details

Reporter's name:
Carl Hughes
Observer Activity:
On Land
Total number of sightings by Carl Hughes:
Date Time Location Behavior
30/09/2018 14:00 The Sound Feeding

Number and size of sharks

total <2m 2-4m 4-6m 6-8m >8m

Distance from animals

100 metres

Shark Details

Lone Shark. 20 mtrs away from 6 Seals. Shark was within mtrs of rocks. Very slow tight circular pattens. Quite light grey fin with a lighter edge along the rear of the fin. I couldn't tell how long it was but the fin was LARGE. I wasn't convinced when my family said it was a Shark but I saw it very clearly using my small telescope

Environment Details

Not able to comment apart from it being calm and not much wind