Sighting Details

Reporter's name:
Carol J Woodall
Observer Activity:
On Land
Total number of sightings by Carol J Woodall:
Date Time Location Behavior
15/05/2019 20:15 West of Sound car park Feeding

Number and size of sharks

total <2m 2-4m 4-6m 6-8m >8m
7 5 2

Distance from animals

3236 metres

Shark Details

Note from Jackie Hall: Well this IS exciting! I checked with Carol that there really were 7 sharks and this was her reply...."Yes we saw 7 (seven) ! From our perspective 5 of a similar size appeared to be feeding in the same area, with a larger shark off to the left and another large shark to the right of the group. The large shark to the left moved further towards the calf, the group of 5 moved further out to the west and the large shark to the right was seen moving further out later. We could only estimate the sizes and all sharks seen by myself, Sue and Bill and Robin."

Environment Details