Sighting Details

Reporter's name:
Angela Halsall
Observer Activity:
On Land
Total number of sightings by Angela Halsall:
Date Time Location Behavior
05/07/2020 11:45 Port Mooar, Maughold Feeding

Number and size of sharks

total <2m 2-4m 4-6m 6-8m >8m

Distance from animals

28 metres

Shark Details

Only saw the fin for less than a minute while we were sat on a bench. It could have been there before I noticed it. I saw the fin for maybe 30 seconds at the most then it sank back down under the water. I stayed a while after but didn't see it again. Comment from Jackie Hall: We have had vanishingly few shark sightings this summer so it's nice to hear about this one, especially as we now have another report of a small shark down south in Perwick Bay near Port St Mary.

Environment Details

Wind was picking up but the bay we were in was sheltered at the time. The shark was very close to the south side of a prominent rock in the bay.