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This first epidose of 'Making Waves' from Rowan Henthorn and Arron Ibenes touches on love in the oceans. There's quite a bit about a new scientific paper about basking shark DNA and what it reveals about basking shark family relationships. Read the scientific paper they're talking about here-https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-58086-4.epdf?author_access_token=QHAahBLolYR__irGgdoYXtRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0MiQAx7ZB7bvuGSF-KS7xeNiJx4BroHAzv9YqMYU0DFHANTKzy2aPHIZ26rsn9eR04CwSf3L7d2tk3ohwWU7WS5lmU6RqFCoOy0tejaCSVQLA%3D%3D Hear the radio podcast here https://www.manxradio.com/podcasts/making-waves/episode/episode-1-love/

Juvenile Basking Sharks on BBC News Online

Craig Whally, a keen kayaker from the Isle of Man took some brilliant pictures of 3 young basking sharks of 3-4m length on Sunday 20th August 2017. His images are so good that the BBC story about them has gone Europe-wide. This is the second time in a month that Craig and his kayaker friend Shane Stigant have seen juvenile basking sharks in Fleshwick Bay, on the South West of the Isle of Man. Fleshwick is a known hotspot for basking sharks to feed in the summer months of mid-May to Mid to late August. Basking sharks are normally thought to be about 1.5-1.7m long when they are born but another keen kayaker, Ian Judd, saw one in Peel Bay, Isle of ...